Happy Reformation Day

October 31, 2015

I wonder if I can print? I wonder if I have Word installed anywhere.

October 9, 2015

Bagpipes and men in kilts throwing heavy things

September 6, 2015

Yesterday our family went to the Virginia Scottish Games to hear my neice Gwen play bagpipe (she is a senior at Carnegie-Mellon university where the school colors are plaid).

I think it was Mark Twain who said “a gentelman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, and refrains from doing so”.  Apparently most bagpipe players wear earplugs, but do not offer them to their audience 🙂

The other feature of the day was men wearing kilts throwing heavy things.  Rocks.  Larger rocks.  Even larger rocks.  Bails made to simulate hay being thrown with pitchforks over an increasingly high bar (18 feet, 21 feet, etc).  The only thing I can figure is that people (men) in Scotland sit around on long winter nights thinking up new sports and in an  alcohol induced stupor they think of new things to throw in manly ways.


When you feel like shifting down, peddle harder.

September 4, 2015

Two walks in the woods

August 31, 2015

I dislike seeing movie adaptations of books without reading the book first. As the Lord Of The Rings movies were being released, I re-read all the books and to this day I have yet to see a movie that does a better job of capturing the mental I had after reading the book.

This week Hollywood is releasing an adaptation of Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods”, which chronicles the authors experience hiking (870 miles out of 2100+) of the Appalachian Trail. In this case, I have more direct knowledge than I could gain from reading a book. Hiking the AT is more-or-less my hobby. I have 460 contiguous miles down (VA 42 to US 30 in PA), and plans to finish the last 160 miles of Virginia by next spring, I have at times been a member of the Appalachian Trail Conservencey (ATC) http://www.appalachiantrail.org/, and this summer I spent 4 nights out with a friend who just completed a through-hike https://www.facebook.com/Cliffordathike. So I read the book.

Let’s just say I was not impressed. There is a saying on the AT that goes “Hike your own hike”, which translates to (politely) “you do things your way, I’ll do things mine, and we’ll respect each other”. It is also intoned less politely when, for instance a “purist hiker” questions the legitimacy of a “Blue blazer” (a hiker who takes shortcuts) or a “Yellow Blazer” (a hiker who skips sections of the trail by car following the “yellow blaze” on the road). Bryson was both. He skipped the entire states of Maryland, New Jersy and New York from what I can tell and only did 11 miles out of 229 in PA. But even that I can respect. People hike for different reasons and, literally, choose their own paths.

What bothered me most about Bryson’s book (and we’ll see what Hollywood does with this) is his attitude towards people. He had very little good to say about anyone from the ATCs founders, to the park service, the Army Corps of Engineers, fellow hikers or people he met on the trail or in towns. And there is no other word but “bigotry” to describe his attitude towards southerners. He directly invokes Stereotypes from “Deliverance” when describing people in Georgia and his references to people of faith are derisive and dismissive. The AT and the encounters with nature it enables are, for many, a deeply spiritual experience. Hike your own hike, Bill.

I did learn a good bit of history from Bryson’s book, and facts about environmental issues (the tragedy of the loss of the American Chestnut, Elm, Hemlock and various fauna including various birds, the eastern mountain lion, etc) and I agreed with many of his observations on life (you can not spend much time on the trail without reflecting on, well, just about everything)

I’ll wrap up this much-larger-than-twitter-sized-post with two recommendations. One, if you want to read an AT Hiking book, consider Paul Stutzman’s Hiking Through http://paulstutzman.com/books/hiking-through/. It describes his journey (literal, figurative and spiritual) to deal with the grief of the loss of his wife and his deliberate attempts to share what he learns to for the benefit of other people suffering loss. It gives (based on my experience) a much more balanced view of hiking the trail than Bryson’s book. Two, check out what the ATC has to say about A Walk in The Woods https://www.appalachiantrail.org/a-walk-in-the-woods. They worked with the producers of the movie from start to finish. If the result is more people enjoying the splendor of God’s creation and a few less people littering the trail with their beer cans, cigarettes and discarded gear, it will be a net win.

Hike on.

George @ McAfee Knob

George @ McAfee Knob

Current Backing Gear, reducing weight?

August 15, 2015

Not going ultralight, but looking for ways/suggestions to get base weight down. Likely candidates include a new tent & pack. Other suggestions welcome.

Base Weight

What Why brand weight LBS actual/spec/est comments Can Reduce Reduce How
Tent Shelter Marmot Limelight 2 6.0 actual 2 man tent, fly+footprint only, 2 fly+footprint only
Pack Pack Osprey Aether 70 5.4 actual
Cloths+Rainjacket Cloths FROGG TOGGS RAIN GEAR 3.4 actual Model AS1310-109
Bag Sleeping Cats Meow 3.0 actual 20°
Outdoor Essentials Basics 2.2 actual See Outdoor Essentials List below.
Shoes Hiking Brooks Cascadia Trail Runners 1.5 spec Replaced 2.6 LB boots
Water Water Nalgenes (x3) 1.2 spec 6.2oz x 3 Coke Bottles?
Hiking Poles Hiking Leki Corklite 1.2 spec
Stove+Gas Eating Jetboil Sol + 8(12)oz fule 1.1 spec 7oz (stove) + 12oz (gas full)
Sleeping Pad Sleeping Thermarest Z-lite 0.9 spec Doubles as chair
Crocks Camp Shoes Crocs 0.8 spec Crocs
Cup+Bowl+Spork Eating 0.5 est Cup, Bowl, Spork
Water Water CamelBak – 100 fl. oz. 0.4 spec
Water Water Aquamira + tabs + Nun 0.4 est
Bearbag + rope Food System 0.4 est
Food Food n/a 6.0 est 3 days x 2LBS/day
Water Water n/a 8.0 est 128 oz (2 nalgenes + 2 in bladder)

Need to get/resupply

  • [ ] Nun
  • [ ] Dryducks
  • [ ] Bear bag rope
  • [ ] Hat (“Sunday Afternoon”) http://www.sundayafternoons.com/offshore-water-hat.html (yellow)
  • [ ] Pillow (not enough cloths to do it)
  • [ ] Sleeping pad (not inflatable, more comfortable)
  • [ ] New drysack
  • [X] Benedryl/antihistamine pills (not expired) (from medicine cabinet)
  • [X] Pocket Profile Map (ordered <2015-08-15 Sat>)
  • [X] Antibiotic Cream (1/2 oz) (from medicine cabinet)
  • [ ] Bag-O-Bags

Outdoor Essentials List

  • Bug stuff
  • sunblock
  • first aid
  • pers. hygene
  • TP
  • knife
  • extra light
  • matches
  • emerg. blanket
  • whistle
  • sunglasses
  • OTC meds
  • maps
  • Bag-O-Bags

Why do we preserve old tech?

August 2, 2015

Why do we preserve old tech?  Steam tractors, locomotives, 18th century musical instruments, space shuttles, DECSystem-2060s?  How many generations are obligated to maintain the museums of  the stuff their parents, grandparents (…) were too nostalgic about to just trash?  I mean, I’m sure somebody may need a one-row corn or a TECO manual planter sometime….

Monotonically increasing device/person ratio

December 25, 2014

The device/person ratio in our house keeps going up.  I now have two apple devices, a kindle and a droid, not to mention the networking gear, the Linux boxes, virtual machines, laptops and to still functional but obsolete tower systems and CRT monitors in the garage waiting for their trip to the dump. Conspicuous consumption? Keeping up with the world I live in? Future Shock ?

XP is dead, long live XP

December 4, 2014

Finished the virtualization of the family XP box.

Cloned with VMWare Fusion.
Copied with rsync.
Running in Virtual Box.
Listening to Vevaldi in iTunes.

Now that it’s unsupported it might be  useful.  3rd party software vendors still sell for it.   There is a large install base that’s not going away.

Security? No problem.  My home security policy has always been “Microsoft products do not connect to the Internet”.  Nothing changes.  Firewall disabled.  No AV.  Life is good.

XP is dead, long live XP.

I’m using a perfectly good laptop mostly to charge a power-hungry smartphone

September 3, 2014